Angel Hoop
Yume Nikki Symbol
User Yomika
Universe Yume Nikki

Angel Hoop is Yomika's standard special move.

Description Edit

Yomika uses the Angel Hoop effect, and under this effect, she turns white and surrounds herself with a rainbow halo. This move comes in two waves. The first wave attracts, dealing constant damage to any opponent who is pulled into the hoop. It can also absorb certain energy-based projectiles to heal Yomika from any inflicted damage. If the move is performed while the air, Yomika will float during the first wave. The second wave repels opponents after two seconds of the first wave have passed or if any button is pressed.

Origin Edit

Angel Hoop is one of the effects of Dream Graffiti, found in the Dark Department of the Dark World. When used, Yomika turns white and wears a rainbow halo on her back. Pressing the Shift key makes her raise her arms and she strums the halo, which plays a few notes and bounces a bit.

Gallery Edit

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