Angry Rants
Downfall symbol
User Hitler
Universe Downfall

Angry Rants is Hitler's standard special move. Hitler seethes with anger as he prepares to give an outburst, with the charge time depending on how long the player holds down the B button. Then he lets his rage go, with the attack being a short ranged damage racker. The amount of damage varies, ranging from around 13% when not charged enough to around 31% when it's fully charged.

Hitler can say these following phrases while ranting:

  • "Das war ein befehl!" ("That was an order!") (not fully charged)
  • "Das ist der schlimmste verrat von allen!" ("This is the worst betrayal of all!") (fully charged)

Origin Edit

In Downfall, there are numerous instances where Hitler reacts to bad news by ranting at it. One of the most famous is the "Original Bunker Scene", when Hitler hears the news that Steiner couldn't carry out his assault, and it's the scene where the first quote above originates. It's the most popular scene from the movie and one of the most common scenes used in the parodies.

The other quote above originates from a scene where Hitler is dining with the bunker staff and he receives a telegram reading that Heinrich Himmler as attempted to surrender to the Allies. Like with the Original Bunker Scene, it is also commonly used in parodies.

Gallery Edit

Standard special move Angry Rants
Side special move Fusilation
Up special move German Artillery
Down special move Pencil of Doom
Final Smash Steiner

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