Yume Nikki Symbol
User Madotsuki
Universe Yume Nikki

Bicycle is Madotsuki's side special move.


The move is similar to Wario's Wario Bike, but there are several differences. Madotsuki dashes forward while riding a bicycle, dealing 10% damage to anyone who's in the way. Unlike Wario Bike, Madotsuki is unable to turn around when riding the bike. When she performs the move in the air, she gets a speed boost downwards, dealing around 13%. She can also jump while riding the bike, dealing around 8% during the spin. The move can be cancelled by crashing into a wall or by pressing A or B.


Bicycle is one of the effects in Yume Nikki. This effect can be found in the Graffiti World, and when this effect is in effect, Madotsuki's speed is doubled, making exploration much faster.


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