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Big Red
Yume Nikki Symbol
Universe Yume Nikki
First appearance Yume Nikki (2004)

Big Red

Plot Edit

Madotsuki, trapped inside one of her twisted dreams, has no choice but to explore. She ends up travelling into the sewers, and encounters Big Red. Big Red attacks her, but she is able to greatly wound him. However, as he is dying, he lunges at Madotsuki one last time. However, he is shot by the Nostalgia Critic before he can reach her, causing him to explode. Madotsuki and the Critic then escape from the sewers, hiding behind a Coke machine to protect themselves from the blast.

Moveset Edit

Big Red's first attack involves him lunging across the screen attempting to eat the player. If he grabs them, he will carry them offscreen, instantly KOing them. However, after two attempts of this, he will roar, and a large red hand will emerge from the other side of the screen, attempting to smash into the player. If the player attacks this hand, then Kyuukyuu-kun will appear, and start rubbing it. As he does this, Big Red will fall from the top of the screen, trying to bite the player. However, if the player lures Big Red into biting Kyuukyuu-kun, he will be stunned, leaving him open for attack.

Gallery Edit

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