IM Meen
User I.M. Meen
Universe I.M. Meen

Boom-Port is I.M. Meen's down special move. Meen creates a colorful explosion and vanishes into thin air. Using the control stick, the player can determine where Meen will reappear in a certain direction. However, unlike Elek-Port, Meen will only teleport horizontally. The explosion deals 15% damage and knockback. The attack's power charges with time, dealing around 40% damage when it is fully charged.

Origin Edit

Throughout many cutscenes of I.M. Meen, Meen usually appears in a blooming explosion and disappears with sparks of electricity.

Gallery Edit

Standard special move Meen Magic
Side special move Meen Speen
Up special move Elek-Port
Down special move Boom-Port
Final Smash The Magic Labyrinth of I.M. Meen

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