Bottle Drop
Bottle Drop
Wiseau Films
User Tommy Wiseau
Universe Wiseau Films

Bottle Drop is Tommy Wiseau's side special move.

Description Edit

Wiseau throws a water bottle on the ground, which bounces four times before it disappears and covers a decent distance. The initial throw has low startup lag and is fast. A bouncing bottle deals only 3% damage while a thrown bottle deals 8%-10%. This move can also be performed in the air, so Wiseau can assault opponents from above with thrown bottles for more damage.

Origin Edit

During the infamous "I did not hit her" scene from The Room, Wiseau's character Johnny throws a water bottle on the ground while dismissing the rumor of him hitting Lisa.

Gallery Edit

Standard special move Untouchable
Side special move Bottle Drop
Up special move Footoss
Down special move Record Everything
Final Smash Footux

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