Classic Mode is a secondary game mode in Super Smash Bros Lawl that allows characters to compete in a Mortal Kombat-Street Fighter Alpha esque tournament. Unlike Classic Mode in the Smash Bros. series, this Classic Mode only consists of 8 normal battles, 2 rival battles, an optional Bonus Stage, and a Final Boss.

The TournamentEdit

The story driving Lawl (next to Subspace Emissary) is that all these Internet phenomena were invited to a tournament hosted by Chuck Norris, with the grand prize being a wish granted by Chuck. Of course, these fighters must prove themselves by beating the shit out of other Internet characters, followed by proving themselves against %1 of the power of Chuck's fist.

Character BiosEdit

For Classic Mode, every character has a written bio describing a bit about themselves.

I.M. MeenEdit

Character Bio: I.M. Meen

Height: 1.82 m

Weight: 85 kg

Sickness: pedophilia, ADHD


  • Magic
  • His Book
  • Dancing Skills


  • Taunting
  • Dancing
  • Any type of rhyming
  • Locking children in rooms

Nationality: England

"When the thought of a librarian that hates studying is pretty much not possible for a normal being, for IM Meen its the most logical solution for his plans..."

"For years he has used this to his advantage to lure "goodie goodies" into his magical book, but he has always noticed he can only get max 2 at a time..."

"This tournament has come at the most pleasant time. After all these years, IM Meen now longs for the most nasty trick that shall make ALL good kids cry!"


Character Bio: Madotsuki

Height: 150 m

Weight: 40 kg

Sickness: lucid dreaming, mutism, schizophrenia


  • Her dream world effects


  • Dreaming
  • Documenting dreams
  • Playing NASU

Nationality: Japan

"After many months of dreaming and loneliness, our favorite hikkiomori finally leaves her room."

"Collecting all those effects was merely a way of finding herself...the tournament drastically changed her plans...she finds it as a good way to find what "herself" can do..."

"The rest of the tournament shall beware... she's bringing out her nightmare for all the world to taste..."


Like in other fighting games, characters have rivals they must face in Classic Mode. Each character has two rivals that are fought on the 5th and 10th battles, respectively. Before a rival battle, the two characters exchange dialogue revealing the reason they are fighting. On the final rival battle, the stage is always Final Destination.

I.M.Meen's Rivals:

Madotsuki's Rivals:

Rivals also separate a Classic run into two parts, indicated by the change in fanfare. These parts are Classic Low and Classic High, as certain characters are placed in one of those ranks (Ex: Meen is Classic Rank Low, as Madotsuki is Classic Rank High)

Character Fights in Classic ModeEdit

Every character is fought on their respective stages (The King on Koridai, ect.) with only one stock. Before fighting the character, both a text box quote (for the character) and a Narrator quote initiate. After These battles listed go up from bottom to top.

Character Enemies fought
ClassicmeenI.M. Meen Kingicon1










MaddyclassicMadotsuki Yomiicon1










Bonus StageEdit

After challenging the first rival, players are asked if they want to skip the Bonus Stage, with the yes icon being Toon Bison's head, and the no option being the TF2 Engineer's Nope.avi. When pressing No, players are taken to the Bonus Stage, where they must kill a 150 health Justin Bieber sandbag while keeping a variety in attacks (Ex: Meen can't use his Side Tilt in a span of two moves after he already used it). It is unknown what happens when you beat the Bonus Stage.

Chuck NorrisEdit

After defeating the second rival, the player witnesses Chuck Norris rising in the background, sending out 1% of the power of his fists to fight the opponent. After an epic Master Hand inspired battle, Chuck gives his opponent a thumbs up, as a cutscene occurs where Chuck grants the player's wish.


  • Toon Bison makes his first appearance within the option to skip the Bonus Stage. Later, he was given his official moveset.
  • Usually, Chincherrinas follows a trend where after a Narrator video, he releases a Classic Mode video. However, after the Julio César Palomera video, we instead got the Best Hercules moveset, where he mentions the lack of a Classic video. At the end of the moveset, it states "Clear Classic with him to unlock a Strong Hercules."


Smash Bros Lawl Classic Mode - IM Meen-008:00

Smash Bros Lawl Classic Mode - IM Meen-0

Classic Mode: I.M. Meen

Smash Bros Lawl Classic Mode - Madotsuki-005:36

Smash Bros Lawl Classic Mode - Madotsuki-0

Classic Mode: Madotsuki

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