Critical Rage
User Nostalgia Critic
Universe That Guy with the Glasses
Type Trapping
Effect ???

Critical Rage is the Nostalgia Critic's Final Smash, replacing American Idol.

Description Edit

The Critic holds a crowbar in his hands and shouts "COCK-SUCKING WHORE!" before dashing towards the opponent. If he connects, he whales on the opponent with the crowbar several times. The Critic will then slam the crowbar on the opponent, dealing high knockback. In total, the Final Smash does around 77% damage.

Origin Edit

At the end of the Nostalgia Critic's The Neverending Story III review, the Critic loses all sanity at the film's credits. He then proceeds to exit the house, go to Home Depot to buy a crowbar, come back home, and smash the DVD for a few minutes.

Gallery Edit

Standard special move HEIL HITLER!
Side special move ELEPHANT!
Up special move Mako Miracle
Down special move EXPLAIN!
Final Smash Critical Rage

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