Drinking Formation
User Leonidas
Universe 300

Drinking Formation is Leonidas's down special move.

Description Edit

Leonidas dons his helmet and arms himself with a spear and his shield in the front, protecting him from attacks in his front and his head. In this formation, Leonidas can move and jump, but not double jump. Pressing B performs a short-ranged shield bash that deals 10% damage with moderate knockback, and pressing A performs a long-ranged spear jab that deals 8% damage with minor knockback. Pressing down B again undoes this formation. This formation cannot protect Leonidas from grabs or grab-related moves such as Unmasker or Veins of Fury.

Origin Edit

The Drinking Formation is a technique used by the Spartans in 300. Whenever the Spartans have cornered the Persian Army near a cliff, they will push the soldiers and send them into the water, as implied by Leonidas's quote, "Let's give them something to drink!"

Gallery Edit

Standard special move Spartan Spear
Side special move Offense Shield
Up special move Spartan Jump
Down special move Drinking Formation
Final Smash Spartan Madness

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