User Nostalgia Critic
Universe That Guy with the Glasses

EXPLAIN! is the Nostalgia Critic's down special move. It is one of the most powerful attacks that is not a Final Smash.

The Critic shouts "EXPLAIN!" and causes an explosion. Normally when the Critic uses this move, he shouts "EXPLAIN!" in his normal voice, with a tiny explosion appearing above his head; this version is a dud that does nothing. It's only after one minute of auto-charge where this attack is at its strongest. When he performs this move then, the Critic shouts "EXPLAIN!" in a deeper voice, dealing 27%-40% damage with high knockback with a massive explosion, at the cost of suffering 19% recoil damage. After the explosion, the Critic will be covered with damaging flames for 2 seconds.

Before the move was nerfed, EXPLAIN! did more damage depending on the Critic's own damage, close to capping at 150% and a OHKO. After the explosion, the Critic would be covered with flames for 4 seconds.

Origin Edit

Twice in the Nostalgia Critic's Quest for Camelot review, when the Critic demands an explanation for the unexplained events of the film, he causes an explosion in an outrage, destroying his house and wiping out an entire city off the map.

Gallery Edit

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Down special move EXPLAIN!
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