Ego is a character-specific stat in Smash Bros Lawl. Although it usually serves no purpose in gameplay, only one attack, J. Jonah Jameson's You're Hired!, makes use of the Ego stat. Characters in the Top 12 Ego will initially heal by 10% instead of 5%, and will be healed by a multiple of 5 for each re-hire (15% the second time, 20% the third time, and so on).

Ranking ListEdit

Rank Character
1 Carlos Trejo
2 J. Jonah Jameson
3 Best Hercules
4 Gaston
5 Irate Gamer
6 Frollo
7 Haruhi
8 Zoolander
9 I.M. Meen
10 Dr. Wily
11 Dr. Robotnik
12 Codec Snake
13 Hitler
14 Scanty
15 Panty
16 Kneesocks
17 Nostalgia Critic
18 Angry Video Game Nerd
19 Billy Mays
20 Stocking
21 Weird Al
22 Mama Luigi
23 Mary
24 Jaime Maussan
25 Guile
26 New Hercules
27 Aya
28 King Harkinian
29 Ib
30 Hank Hill
31 Tommy Wiseau
32 Nicolas Cage
33 Don Ramon
34 Leonidas
35 Bison
36 Yomika
37 Madotsuki

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