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List of events in One playerEdit

Starter events Edit

# Name Description Objective
1 Ufologists Collect evidence of extraterrestrial life before your clumsy partner ruins it!
2 Heilo I'm the Nostalgia Nazi... I battle the allies so you don't have to!

Unlockable eventsEdit

# Name Description Objective
3 All Stars I Part 1 Mama Luigi, I.M. Meen, AVGN, Hank, Robotnik, Wiseau, Mado, and the founders of the bros pose.
4 Step Away from the Bike I SWEAR TO GOD I WON'T SHOOT YOU!
5 All Stars I Part 2 Bores, Leonidas, Critic, Billy, Wily, Panty and Stocking, Yomika, and the Leet Fighters.
6 Ufologists 2 Another life form has appeared to ... the photo! YOU B*TCHES!
7 All Stars I Part 3 Best Herc, King, Don Ramon, Hitler, Cage, the demon sisters, Ib, and the Ufologists.
8 Latest Hit New visitor in Daten City's hogging all the attention, too bad that her sister doesn't WANT FAME.

List of events in Two playersEdit


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