Event match, also called event mode, is a single-player mode where the player participates on events. Each event varies, usually containing fights which specific goals and or gimmicks.

How each event starts also varies as at times the player will be forced to use a certain character and will be dragged into the Event as soon as he chooses it. Other times however, the player will be able to select his character before proceeding onwards into the Event. All opponents within the Event are controlled by CPU.

List of events in One player Edit

Starter events Edit

# Name Description Objective
1 Ufologists Collect evidence of extraterrestrial life before your clumsy partner ruins it!
2 Heilo I'm the Nostalgia Nazi... I battle the allies so you don't have to!

Unlockable events Edit

# Name Description Objective
3 All Stars I Part 1 Mama Luigi, I.M. Meen, AVGN, Hank, Robotnik, Wiseau, Mado, and the founders of the bros pose.
4 Step Away from the Bike I SWEAR TO GOD I WON'T SHOOT YOU!
5 All Stars I Part 2 Bores, Leonidas, Critic, Billy, Wily, Panty and Stocking, Yomika, and the Leet Fighters.
6 Ufologists 2 Another life form has appeared to ... the photo! YOU B*TCHES!
7 All Stars I Part 3 Best Herc, King, Don Ramon, Hitler, Cage, the demon sisters, Ib, and the Ufologists.
8 Latest Hit New visitor in Daten City's hogging all the attention, too bad that her sister doesn't WANT FAME.

List of events in Two players Edit


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