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F-Bomb is the Angry Video Game Nerd's standard special move. The Nerd fires an F-Bomb from the mouth, both figuratively and literally, which travels a short horizontal distance before it explodes. The explosion deals 12% damage during its initial frames, with the later frames dealing 4%.

If the control stick is pointed downward before the Nerd shouts "FUCK!", the bomb travels diagonally downward and takes longer to explode when it touches the ground, detonating immediately when something touches it. These F-Bombs can be controlled by Dr. Wily's Electric Nightmare.

Origin Edit

Avgn fuck bomb by ryuunake98-d3j1vet
A recurring theme of The Angry Video Game Nerd is his wide variety of profane language, with "fuck" and "shit" being the most common swears. In the third part of his Philips CD-I review, when the Nerd gets stuck on a part during Link: The Faces of Evil, he starts dropping literal F-bombs.

Gallery Edit

Standard special move F-Bomb
Side special move Pens
Up special move Nintenerd
Down special move Power Glove
Final Smash Super Mecha Death Christ

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