Types of Final Smashes Edit

  • Directional - These Final Smashes launch an attack in a single direction, which may or may not be controlled. This kind of Final Smash has a blind spot, usually behind the attacker, where targets can hide.
  • Final Form - These Final Smashes involve the character transforming, temporarily gaining a new, stronger moveset that can quickly KO opponents. The transformations usually buff up the character's existing moveset, but can sometimes give them different attacks.
  • Semi-Final Form - These Final Smashes involve a character transforming, but they cannot be controlled to the extent of a regular final form. Typically, they have a moveset consisting of 1-3 attacks.
  • Trapping - These Final Smashes attack a certain area, grab anyone inside said area (or just a single character), and lay down an inescapable beating. They generally have a small initial range, and will fail if there are no targets caught.

List of Final Smashes Edit

Character Final Smash Type
AVGN Super Mecha Death Christ Semi-Final Form
Aya Magic Water Unknown.
Best Hercules Ok, Charge! Unknown.
Billy Mays The Power of Mighty Putty Unknown.
Bison Yes! Yes! Unknown.
Carlos Trejo Presumido Unknown.
Codec Snake Read a Book Unknown.
Don Ramon Ferrocarril Unknown.
Dr. Robotnik PINGAS Unknown.
Dr. Wily The Moon Out of its Orbit Unknown.
Frollo Hellfire Unknown.
Gaston Kill the Beast Unknown.
Guile Anti-Terrorism Unknown.
Hank Hill Brocopter Unknown.
Haruhi Upset Unknown.
Hitler Steiner Unknown.
I.M. Meen The Magic Labyrinth of I.M. Meen Trapping
Ib Treasure Hunt Unknown.
J. Jonah Jameson Interdimensional Journalism Trapping
Jaime Maussan La Caida de un Meteorito Unknown.
Leonidas Spartan Madness Unknown.
Madotsuki Dream's End Trapping
Mama Luigi Secret Weapon Unknown.
Mary Leave! Unknown.
New Hercules Solution Unknown.
Nicolas Cage Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit Final Form
Nostalgia Critic Critical Rage Trapping
Panty & Stocking Fly Away (Now) Unknown.
Pyron Unknown. Unknown.
Scanty & Kneesocks I Want You Unknown.
The Bores The Borean Unknown.
The King Dinner Blaster Directional
Tommy Wiseau Footux Unknown.
Weird Al Let's Get Ready to Rambo! Unknown.
Yomika Stomach Overlord Unknown.
Zoolander Orange Mocha Frappuccino Unknown.

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