This article is about the special move. For the supporting character, see Fire Sumo.
Fire Sumo
Fire sumo
Mario symbol
User Mama Luigi
Universe Mario

Fire Sumo is Mama Luigi's down special move. It is an incredibly slow, yet powerful attack.

Mama Luigi summons a Fire Sumo, which attacks by stomping its foot (the sumo movement known as shiko), causing a small wave of fire to appear. The stomp deals a whopping 23% damage, while the flame wave deals 8%. If the move is performed on a pass-through platform, the Fire Sumo creates a fireball that drops, creating a carpet of fire. With its high amount of lag, it is the riskiest special move to use.



Sumo Bros (Fire Sumos in the cartoon) are variants of Hammer Bros that first appeared in Super Mario World. They stand on blocks and stomp the ground, which causes a spark to come down; this spark ignites when it hits the ground, causing a wall of fire. A sole Fire Sumo appears in the cartoon episode "Mama Luigi". This Fire Sumo attacks Luigi as he is exploring Dome City, stomping the ground beneath Luigi hard enough to crack, sending Luigi plummeting downward. Its fire ability is not present in the cartoon.


Standard special move Stone or Football
Side special move Maternal Sleep
Up special move Magic Balloon
Down special move Fire Sumo
Final Smash Secret Weapon

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