Wiseau Films
User Tommy Wiseau
Universe Wiseau Films

Footoss is Tommy Wiseau's up special move.

Description Edit

Wiseau summons his buddy Mark. Before Mark throws a football, the control stick can be pointed to make him throw the ball in any direction. Wiseau launches himself in that direction, dealing around 7% damage to opponents in the way. He also gains the football as a projectile item. Mark can not be summoned again until the ball is thrown or dropped and after eight seconds have passed.

Origin Edit

Throughout The Room, Wiseau's character Johnny often throws a football with his friends in a way to make them look "American". Mark's ability to teleport comes from the part where Johnny, Lisa, and Claudette comfort Denny; Mark doesn't appear initially but then suddenly appears behind Claudette.

Gallery Edit

Standard special move Untouchable
Side special move Bottle Drop
Up special move Footoss
Down special move Record Everything
Final Smash Footux

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