Four Dozen Eggs
4 dozen eggs
User Gaston
Universe Disney

Four Dozen Eggs is Gaston's down special move.

Description Edit

Contrary to the name, Gaston uses four eggs instead of four dozen eggs, and he starts to juggle them around. He can walk left and right, but not jump, in "four dozen eggs" mode. The eggs can be used defensively, protecting Gaston from any air strikes. The eggs can also be used offensively. An egg can be tossed horizontally by pushing the A button or vertically by tilting the control stick up. Pressing B will toss all four eggs horizontally. The mode ends when Gaston is damaged or when all four eggs are tossed. Each egg deals 4% damage.

Origin Edit

This move comes from Gaston's song in Beauty and the Beast. During the part where he sings "When I was a lad, I ate four dozen eggs every morning to help me get large", he takes four eggs and juggles them around before gulping each of them.

Gallery Edit

Standard special move Blunderbuss
Side special move Flammabeer
Up special move Crushing Popularity
Down special move Four Dozen Eggs
Final Smash Kill the Beast

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