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Game Genie
Game Genie
Universe The Irate Gamer
First appearance The Irate Gamer Show - Aladdin (SNES) Review (2009)

The Game Genie

Plot Edit

After defeating Nostalgia Critic, AVGN was turned into a trophy by the Irate Gamer. IG summoned the Game Genie to distract, or better yet, destroy NC while he made his escape with the AVGN trophy. However, NC was able to triumph over the Game Genie by destroying his one weakness, the Aladdin SNES cartridge that he resided in.

Moveset Edit

The Game Genie has two attacks that are telegraphed when he snaps his fingers. The first one causes 4 explosions to go off directly at the player's location. The second move summons a large cobra, who will dash across the screen twice before falling down from the sky. The Game Genie's final attack involves him quickly floating towards the player, and smashing him/her with his fist. However, as he does this, the Aladdin SNES cartridge one the ground is exposed, and attacking it is the only thing that can harm the Game Genie.

Gallery Edit

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