Go Monk
User Zoolander
Universe Zoolander

Go Monk is Zoolander's standard special move.

Description Edit

Zoolander will attempt to remove his underwear for as long as B is pressed. If he succeeds, his fashion will increase to 150% (as in, his fashion will equal 150%). If Zoolander fails, he receives 15% damage and loses 30% fashion. The success rate will vary depending on how long B is pressed:

  • 0 seconds - 1%
  • 1 second - 20%
  • 2 seconds - 40%
  • 3 seconds - 60%
  • 4 seconds - 80%
  • 5 seconds - 100%

Origin Edit

In Zoolander, Derek and Hansel challenge each other at a "walk-off" hosted by David Bowie. When they get to the "Go Monk" scene, Hansel successfully removes his underwear, but Derek fails, disqualifying him.

Gallery Edit

Standard special move Go Monk
Side special move Magnum
Up special move Bulk Up
Down special move Photoshoot
Final Smash Orange Mocha Frappuccino

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