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Guertana Gallery is 9th subspace emissary stage in Smash Bros. Lawl.


Meanwhile, on an entirely different part of the map, we meet Ib, who is close to escaping the nightmarish painting world within Guertana's Gallery. After returning tomreality, she returns to a rather...odd scene. The gallery had been vandalized and taken over by Bison and Shadaloo. Pictures of Bison, the Shadaloo insignia, and the word YES we're sprawled all along the walls as all the art patrons were taken hostage. Ib fights off some of the Shadaloo guards, while finally confronting Bison. Bison, when meeting Ib, is ready to turn her into a trophy via Dark Cannon. Luckily, Guile crashes in via his plane to intervene with Shadaloo and arrest Bison. Bison then attempts to trophify Guile, but Ib steps in and saves him with her paintings. Bison then calls in Sagat, who distracts Guile and Ib while he and Balrog escape. Sagat proceeds to fight the two with his trusty Corn Flakes, but is defeated. Sagat retreats, and Guile advises Ib to go home to her folks. However, Ib remembers that Bison took hostages, quite possibly including her parents. So, she runs off with Guile to find Shadaloo and save her parents.

Once the museum is empty, Hitler and Günsche arrive to deal with some business. Apparently, the Subspace Army was able to track down large amounts of energy coming from the museum. Bison and Shadaloo were sent to clear out the museum (yet he took it a bit too far), while Hitler was to investigate the energy source. came from the ??? World painting (the painting leading to the painting world), which was slightly vandalized by Bison. Günsche questions if he could detonate the Subspace Bomb, but Hitler refuses. When reaching the painting, Hitler places his hand on it and comments on how he can feel it's strange energy. Hitler then demands the energy to be released, as Mary makes her entrance. Hitler, pleased by her Aryan appearance and the energy she might contain, makes her a member of the Subspace Army, even giving her a Dark Cannon. While Hitler explained their plans, the childish Mary begins playing with the cannon, accidentally turning Hilter into a Trophy. Günsche revives Hilter, as he starts ranting while grounding Mary from the gun. Mary promises to behave, but Günsche then begins to drag her out, much to her discontent, alongside a slightly agitated Hitler.


Playable CharactersEdit

  • Ib (joins team after level)
  • Guile (joins team after level)

Non-Playable CharactersEdit

Enemies IntroducedEdit




Smash Bros Lawl Subspace Emissary - Guertana Gallery07:31

Smash Bros Lawl Subspace Emissary - Guertana Gallery

Smash Bros Lawl Subspace Emissary - Guertana Gallery

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