User Nostalgia Critic
Universe That Guy with the Glasses

HEIL HITLER! is the Nostalgia Critic's standard special move.

The Critic pulls out his 9mm pistol. Quickly tapping the B button will make him shoot one bullet in front of him, with a slow firing rate and a fair amount of end lag. When holding B, the Critic will shout "HEIL HITLER!" and fire on both sides. Each bullet has a 50% chance of appearing left or right, being shot every 4 to 5 frames, for a total of eight bullets being fired. When the Critic is shouting, he has armor frames, preventing knockback but not damage. The bullets deal 4-5% damage and can be reflected.

The Critic also uses his gun in his down throw. He will throw down the opponent, fire his gun twice, then kick them away.

Origin Edit

While the 9mm pistol is a frequent running gag found in the Nostalgia Critic's reviews, the "Psyche Hitler!" gag originates from his Captain America review, wherein one scene from the film, a man congratulates a scientist for his experiment's success and then shoots him, shouting "Heil Hitler!" The Critic imagines this over-the-top method of killing in different scenarios, like a wedding, a bar mitzvah, or as a kindergarten teacher.

Gallery Edit

Standard special move HEIL HITLER!
Side special move ELEPHANT!
Up special move Mako Miracle
Down special move EXPLAIN!
Final Smash Critical Rage

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