Hurtful Words
Metal Gear (lawl version) symbol
User Codec Snake
Universe Metal Gear

Hurtful Words is Codec Snake's side special move.

Description Edit

This move uses Snake's ConvoMeter. The amount of damage it deals depends on how many whole blocks are in the meter.

  • When the meter is empty or has half a block, Snake will stutter words that deal only 2% damage and minor flinching.
  • When there's one block, he'll fire off a one-word comment. Deals 6% damage.
  • With two blocks, he'll launch a two-word insult. Deals 12% damage.
  • With three blocks, three words; the first two stun while the last has knockback. Deals 6% damage per word.
  • With four blocks, he'll impersonate an opponent. Deals 25% damage.
  • With five blocks, it only deals 18% damage, but it goes through traps, shields, reflectors, and absorbers.
  • With a full meter, it only deals 12% damage, but it can remove traps and instantly shatter shields.

The words' speed will also depend on the number of whole blocks, with more full block words traveling faster than less full block words.


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