I.M. Meen

I M Meen
IM Meen

I.M. Meen (1995)
Appears in
Smash Bros. Lawl
Weight class
Magic Book
B- (20)

I.M. Meen

Character Description Edit

Ignatius Mortimer Meen is the main antagonist of the I. M. Meen educational video game by Animation Magic for MS-DOS. I. M. Meen is a wizard who hates goodie-goodie children who spend all their time reading, and traps them in his Magic Labirynth with an enchanted book. He sings a song about this during the game's intro, and during gameplay he occasionally appears to taunt the player.

Trophy Description Edit

The title of the most powerful magician in the world has fallen to the wrong hands... hide yo goodie goodies! And for all those Lawl members who are such... fight for your Poopers! Hell his insanity is such he now calls ANYONE a bookworm, and an insane person won't doubt using the power in his hands! By teleporting he can give a very scary and confusing fight. Watch out for his powerful book, The Magical Labyrinth of I.M. Meen... If you ever get trapped in his magic book, I'm sure you'll escape a hundred years!

Moveset Edit

Ground attacks Edit

Attack Description Damage
Neutral attack Repeatedly produces magic from his hand.
Down tilt Swipes downward and produces magic.
Down smash Shoots electricity and magic to both sides of him.
Forward tilt Leaps and kicks forward. 13%
Forward smash Slams his book forward. 25%, 28% (fully charged)
Up tilt Performs a split kick. 8%
Up smash Shoots electricity up. 17%
Dash attack Cartwheels. 15%

Aerial attack Edit

Attack Description Damage
Neutral aerial Causes his book to orbit around him.
Forward aerial Swipes forward with his hand. 12%
Back aerial Does a flutter kick like Yoshi's.
Up aerial Points his hand up and produces magic.
Down aerial Closes both of his feet together.

Grab and throw Edit

Attack Description Damage
Grab Grabs in front of him. N/A
Pummel Slaps the opponent with other hand.
Forward throw Kicks the opponent forward.
Back throw Swings the opponent back.
Up throw Produces an explosion near the opponent. 13%
Down throw Telepathically slams the opponent down.

Other attacks Edit

Attack Description Damage
Floor attack Scratches both ways.
Trip attack Kicks both ways.
Ledge attack Does a low kick.

Special moves Edit

Attack Name Description
Standard special Meen Magic I.M. Meen fires a blast of his spell. If you hold the button, the move charges. It charges automatically when on max power.
Side special Meen Speen Meen spins toward opponents.
Up special Elek-Port Meen disappears and reappears in a different area through sparks, depending on where the player controls him. Use it to recover!
Down special Boom-Port Meen disappears and reappears in a different area through puffs of smoke, depending on where the player controls him. Just like the Wario Waft, the move charges automatically overtime. But it only teleports Meen horizontally.
Final Smash The Magic Labyrinth of I.M. Meen I.M. Meen tosses his book at an opponent, which sucks him or her up. Meen can then toss the trapped opponent off the stage, or toss it at other opponents for high knockback. The book has 15 seconds before the opponent comes out. If it misses, it explodes and Meen swears.

Misc. Edit

Misc. Description
On-Screen Appearance Appears out of a blooming explosion.
Taunts Up Brags and says "I am the most powerful Magician in the world!".
Side Says "HOW I HATE THOSE GOODY-GOODIES!" while dancing.
Down Says "What's the matter Smarty?" while swinging one leg back.
Idle poses
Victory theme
Victory pose 1 Points at the right side of the screen and says "Back into your cell, bookworm!".
2 Says "Better luck next time, bookworm!".
3 Laughs maniacally before teleporting.
Lose pose Covers his face in disappointment.

Role in The Subspace Emissary Edit

I.M. Meen first appears in the Subspace Emissary when he gets into a argument with King Harkinian in Hyrule, declaring that he is the better Youtube Poop source. Then the two fight, with the loser being turned into a trophy. However, the victor revives the loser when both are attacked by the Halberd, which drops some Subspace Army soldiers. The King and Meen team up and fight off the attackers, and then they chase the Halberd through the Hylian fields. After they beat Glutko, they notice a Subspace Bomb engulfing most of Hyrule. Meen laughs, and the King punches him in the face.

Later, in the Lost Woods, the King gets transformed into a trophy by Dr. Robotnik. I.M. Meen stops the doctor from continuing any further and fights him. Meen wins and blows up Robotnik's Eggmobile, sending the King trophy into the distance. I.M. Meen then searches for it.

In Final Forest, while searching for the King trophy, he gets attacked by an army of Badniks led by Scratch, armed with a Subspace Bomb. Meen wins and continues his search until he finds a Dedede brooch on the ground. Unsuspectingly, Meen gets trophied by Gaston. King Harkinian and Leonidas (who revived the King earlier) then arrive and fight against Gaston and Frollo, defeating them. I.M. Meen reunites with the King and continue their journey alongside Leonidas. Meen still has the Dedede brooch he found.

Playable appearancesEdit

I.M. Meen is playable in these levels:

Classic Mode Rivals Edit

Classic Mode QuotesEdit

Victory QuotesEdit

  • (vs. King Harkinian"I'm the most powerful magician in the world... and the king of Youtube Poop!"
  • (vs. Leonidas"300 men, following orders... an army of goodie-goodies won't conquer you borders!"
  • (vs. Tommy Wiseau"Give this book to Dennis next time you see him."
  • (vs. Madotsuki"Ha ha ha! I really made you cry! Write that down in your diary, bookworm!"
  • (vs. AVGN"NES games? Goodie-goodies that escape are way more annoying!"
  • (vs. Mama Luigi"Don't worry. I'll take your goodie-goodie to bed for you!"
  • (vs. Dr. Robotnik"Machines won't catch you that blue twerp... some magic shall do the trick!"
  • (vs. Irate Gamer"Children that don't study grow to be like you? Seems that I will hate them too!"
  • (vs. Frollo) "You that love to be in God's plan... there's room in his world for one singing old man!"
  • (vs. Gaston) "Four dozen eggs, hmm? A new recipe for my lads!"

Madotsuki Edit

I.M. Meen: Oh look a goodie goodie!

Madotsuki: ...

I.M. Meen: Open up this book!

Madotsuki: ...

I.M. Meen: Pay attention bookworm!

Madotsuki: ...


King HarkinianEdit

King Harkinian: ENOUGH! Bow down to the king of Youtube Poop!

I.M. Meen: Ha! But I'm the most powerful magician in the world! My magic cuts to the bone! And with a clever use of it... I shall see you dethrone!

King Harkinian: ... You're a piece of ship!

Miscellaneous Edit

  • (Failing a bonus stage"AAAAHHHH!!! I'll be back! I.M. MEEN NEVER QUITS!!!"

Ending Edit

I.M. Meen couldn't contain his rape face... Hence the wish in his mind... Chuck knew what he wanted... He wasn't blind... All the books in the world now have a little secret that'll really make them cry! THANKS FOR PLAYING!

Snake Codec Edit

Colonel: Snake, you know who that is?

Solid Snake: ... No...

Colonel: He's I.M. Meen. You don't know who he is because he made his only appearance in a DOS game. He's not that famous.

Snake: This guy kinda gives me the creeps...

Colonel: Me too, Snake. He loves to molest good kids. He collects good kids with a magic book.

Snake: ...magic book? Are you kidding me?!

Colonel: No, I am not kidding. So try not to get caught in his magic book. It might be your worst nightmare...

Snake: Ugh, that's a scary thought...Creepy.

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Trivia Edit

  • I.M. Meen is 1st character to have a Lawl moveset. It's been confirmed that his moveset video was just a joke.
  • I.M. Meen is one of the two characters whose Star KO #2 is not shown, the other being the Nostalgia Critic.
  • I.M. Meen is one of four villains to not be associated with the Subspace Army; the others are Gaston, Frollo, and Pyron.
  • I.M. Meen also is the only character that has a superimposing moveset with Brawl moveset video's. Chin stated this as 'Certified Best'.
  • I.M. Meen also appeared in Chill Manor and I.M. Meen for the Sega CD, but it's just a prototype.