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This article is about the game in the series. For the universe info, see I.M. Meen (universe).
I.M. Meen
I.M. Meen
IM Meen
Developer(s) Animation Magic
Publisher(s) Simon & Schuster Interactive
Distributor(s) Capitol Multimedia
Designer(s) Matthew Sughrue
Series I.M. Meen
Released 1995
Genre(s) Educational game, First Person Shooter
Mode(s) Single-player
Platform(s) DOS

I.M. Meen is an educational video game that runs on MS-DOS, designed to teach grammar to children, release in 1995. The game is made by the Russo-American Animation Magic, the same company that made the CD-i games Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon.

Ignatius Mortimer Meen, an evil librarian who despises children and learning, creates a magical book that sucks children inside when they read it. The book takes them to a massive labyrinth, where they are found by the guardians and locked into cells. Players play as two children named Scott and Katie who are trapped inside this labyrinth. Gnorris, a gnome that has betrayed I.M. Meen, helps the player escape, giving them a magic orb that allows them to contact him, telling them they must rescue all the other children.

In Smash Bros. LawlEdit

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