Universe Infomercials
Appearance Smash Bros. Lawl
Home stage Billy Mays
Size ???
Availability Unknown
Music track(s)
  • Infomercials Medley

Infomercialand is Billy Mays's home stage in Smash Bros. Lawl. It takes place in a TV studio (notice the lights at the top) and mainly consists of two floating rooms. These rooms are taken from The Ultimate Ladder infomercial (left) and the Zorbeez commercial (right.) Both rooms are flat platforms over a pit, though the left room has an extra platform made out of The Ultimate Ladder itself.


(please info)

Kruel KOEdit


Title Description Composition and arrangements
Infomercials Medley Arrangement: Claudio Cardenas Romero (chincherrinas)



Early designEdit

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