La Calavera
User Don Ramon
Universe El Chavo del Ocho

La Calavera (Spanish for Skull) is Don Ramon's down special move.

Ramon takes out a blackboard with a chalk sketch of a skull and crossbones on it. Anyone who is standing in front of the chalkboard will take 1% damage and be stunned for two seconds. Pressing down+B will make Ramon enter a stationary motion, where pressing any of these three buttons causes the following: A for electric shocks that deal chain damage, B for poison that deals 5% plus 1% chain damage, and R for an explosion that deals 23% damage. Upon doing this, it removes the blackboard.

If 10 seconds have passed without Ramon choosing an action, the blackboard will disappear, but its effects will still linger for another 10 seconds.

Origin Edit

Gallery Edit

Standard special move Resortera
Side special move Presta
Up special move Secarropa
Down special move La Calavera
Final Smash Ferrocarril

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