Lady in Red
User Ib
Universe Ib

Lady in Red is Ib's side special move.

This attack only works when there's at least one painting on the field. Pressing side+B will make Ib enter an immobile state until a certain button is pressed. A activates the blue-framed painting, B activates the red, and R activates the yellow. Once a button is pressed, a painting will transform into a Painted Lady wearing a dress the same color as its painting frame, which crawls at whatever direction Ib's pointing to. A Painted Lady will crawl until it hits a wall, dealing 10% damage to anyone during its mad rampage.

Origin Edit

Painted Ladies are common enemies in Ib, based on Guertena's "The Lady in Red" painting. In the cursed gallery, a Painted Lady will resemble a normal painting until observed, at which point it will break out of its mimicry and start chasing the player. Each Painted Lady comes in red, blue, yellow, and green colors and moves at different speeds, with the Lady in Yellow travelling the slowest and the Lady in Green travelling the fastest. Touching any of these mad paintings will knock a petal off Ib's life meter.

Contrary to its origin, the Lady in Yellow in Lawl travels at the same speed as the Red and Blue Ladies.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Lady in Green is the only Painted Lady that makes no appearance.

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