Here are the list of Playable Characters arranged in order of release and grouped by era.

Classical Era Edit

  1. I.M. Meen
  2. King Harkinian
  3. Nostalgia Critic
  4. Leonidas
  5. Tommy Wiseau
  6. Madotsuki
  7. AVGN
  8. Mama Luigi
  9. Dr. Robotnik
  10. Irate Gamer
  11. Frollo
  12. Gaston

Post-Morgan Era Edit

The era after Morgan Freeman was introduced as the new Smash Bros Lawl narrator.

  1. Hitler
  2. Panty & Stocking
  3. Billy Mays
  4. Yomika
  5. Guile
  6. Bison
  7. Ib
  8. Hank Hill

Post-Frollo Summer Era Edit

  1. Scanty & Kneesocks
  2. Nicolas Cage
  3. Best Hercules
  4. Jaime Maussan
  5. Don Ramon
  6. Dr. Wily
  7. Haruhi
  8. Zoolander
  9. New Hercules

Subspace Epoch Edit

  1. Aya
  2. Carlos Trejo

Finale Era Edit

  1. Weird Al
  2. J Jonah Jameson

Revamp Epoch Edit

  1. Mary
  2. Codec Snake

Future Playable Characters that are Coming Edit

  1. Pyron

See Also Edit

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