Yume Nikki (2004)
Appears in
Smash Bros. Lawl
Weight class
Kitchen Knife
B+ (13)

Special MovesEdit

Standard B- MedamaudeEdit

It's just like Meta Knight's Down B, but with 2 differences. It starts with a punch and ends with a slap.

Side B- BicycleEdit

Lets clarify Mado's Bicycle to Wario's Bike. Once you choose a side you can't turn back. If you do The Bicycle in the air, you boost downwards. You can cancel it by crashing into a wall or by pressing A or B. You can also jump while riding, no double jump.

Up B- WitchEdit

Once you start pressing Up + B, you gain a boost upwards. Once airborne when you go up you get gradually slower. And when you go down you gradually get faster. With enough speed, you get hurt the opponent when their touch you, the faster, the stronger. You can stop it by pressing A or B, getting hit, crashing into a wall, or by losing enough speed .

Down B- FatEdit

When she turns Fat, she gain weight and falling speed. When landing, she dose something similar to King DeDeDe's Up B. Pressing A can make her stomach growl for multiple hits. It also work while walking or jumping. Mado also gain this side smash with lots of lag and power. She get thin again by pressing B or waiting 15 seconds. After that, you have to wait 10 seconds to be Fat again.

Final Smash- Dream's EndEdit

Madostuki open this unexpected thing next to her. This "thing" is in place until it suck in ONE nearby person. If it doesn't do so for 20 seconds, it just disappears. You can also place it in the air for some edgeguarder(LOL).


  • Down Taunt- Cat Meow.
  • Side Taunt- Plays the flute.
  • Up Taunt- Head comes off and spins...

Victory/Losing PosesEdit

  • Victory #1- Gets a lot of eggs and dissapears without the eggs.
  • Victory #2- With her knife, Madotsuki follows Masada.
  • Victory #3- Turns into a stoplight to transform Monoko.
  • Lose- Mado just looks at the screen.

Trophy DescriptionEdit

Whatever was that she lived in the past, it was such that it made her shut in her room, with nothing else but a vintage video game, that´s so short and repetitive, that it makes you shut it in no time, leaving you with nothing but your mind... Living like that did her no good, she was now aggressive, all her throughts focused into attacking the enemy... she had to kill such a fiend. Just as she was stepping in the last step, the tournament is announced, the fiend couldn´t resist. A long kept away nightmare has been unleashed.

Snake CodecEdit

Snake: Colonel, that quiet girl kind of gives me the creeps...

Colonel: That's Madotsuki. Her attacks are various effects she found in her dream world.

Snake: What do you mean Colonel?

Colonel: The place she goes the instant she falls asleep. I think it's more of a nightmare world...

Snake: Interesting...

Colonel: Each effect represents a part of what she's made of. By controlling each she gains control of her life.

Snake: You're kidding right? That theory really sucks balls! Mei Ling sure knows Chinese girls better then you...

(Mei Ling appears)

Snake: Mei Ling, why does Madotsuki has creepy dreams?

Mei Ling: The poor little guy has had such a hard life...

Snake: ... that's all?

Mei Ling: Yeah...

Snake: You know, Otacon sure knows his geeky stuff...

(Otacon appears)

Snake: Otacon, tell me what you know about this Chinese girl.

Otacon: Snake, Madotsuki is Japanese, and she's dangerous... She's been in places and seen things that people like you and me can't even begin to imagine.

Snake: But why?

Otacon: I dunno, but those effects she has are the real deal...

Snake: Otacon! Tell me why she has creepy dreams.

Otacon: Well um, she's a weird girl...

Snake: Are you kidding me!? That theory sucks more than Colonel's...

(Slippy appears)

Slippy: Hey Snake! This is Slippy!

Snake: Heeey! What happened?

Slippy: Just throught I'd hop in the wireless and give you a holler (?)!

Snake: Soo... what's your theory on Madotsuki's creepy dreams?

Slippy: She got raped.

Snake: Wow, tell me more!

(Colonel appears)

Colonel: Snake...

Snake: Colonel!

Colonel: Stop talking bullshit! Now get out there and cause her more nightmares.

Snake: ...

Character DescriptionEdit

Madotsuki (窓付き) is the player character in Yume Nikki. She is the only character in Yume Nikki with an official name, since characters require a name for the menu screen in RPG Maker games.

As with virtually everything else in the game, Madotsuki's identity and life are a mystery. Only what can be seen in-game can be considered canon, although there are many varying interpretations of her.

Fans speculate that she is young - anywhere from a young child to an early teen - although arguments can be made for any age.

Madotsuki is a playable character in the fighting game M.U.G.E.N, and in fan games and artwork she is commonly portrayed wielding her iconic kitchen knife.


Ground attacks Edit

Attack Description Damage
Neutral attack Stabs forward with the knife. Also can be used in rapid succession. When she's fat, her stomach growls. 5%
Down tilt Turns into a disembodied head and rolls forward.
Down smash Wobbles up and down.
Forward tilt Hair becomes poop and 3 flies fly forward.
Forward smash Turns into a lamp and headbutts forward. When she's fat, she lunges forward.
Up tilt Turns into a frog and jumps up.
Up smash Summons rain around her while charging the attack. Once released, she turns into a demon and produces lightning, by dealing lightning damage.
Dash attack Slides and kicks her feet out.

Aerial attack Edit

Attack Description Damage
Neutral aerial Turns into a neon light and shocks the opponent multiple times.
Forward aerial Turns into Yuki-onna and throws snow forward.
Back aerial Summons an NPC from the Shield Folk World that attacks behind her.
Up aerial Summons a Face Spike from the Face Carpet Plaza world and stabs upwards.
Down aerial Ground pounds.

Grab and throw Edit

Attack Description Damage
Grab Grabs with Medamaude. N/A
Pummel Punches the foe.
Forward throw Throws the opponent forward.
Back throw
Up throw Throws the opponent up and punches upward with Medamaude.
Down throw Turns into fat effect and slams the opponent.

Other attacks Edit

Attack Description Damage
Floor attack
Trip attack
Ledge attack

Role in The Subspace EmissaryEdit

Playable appearancesEdit

Classic Mode RivalsEdit

Classic Mode QuotesEdit

Victory QuotesEdit

VS. RivalsEdit

Panty & StockingEdit

Panty: So you're the one that's robbing us of our fame in Japan?

Madotsuki: ...

Stocking: Let's show her who's boss around here sis!

Panty: You're goin' down!

Madotsuki: ...


Madotsuki: ...

Yomika: ...

Madotsuki: ...

Yomika: ...

Madotsuki: ...



Mado's lips were silent... But her head would not shut up... Chuck would read it like a dairy... See desires in throughts... He himself got suprised... Her wish just seemed so simple... For Madotsuki it wasn't... THANKS FOR PLAYING!

Gallery Edit

Palette swapsEdit

Mado colors
  • Red: Standard.
  • Green: Based on Poniko.
  • Indigo: Based on Mafurako.
  • Grey: based on Monoko and Monoe. Also based on her unused Monochrome sprite.
  • Black: Based on Yonaka Kurai from Mogeko Castle.
  • Sky Blue: Based on her Yuki-Onna effect.
  • Brown: Based on Urotsuki from Yume 2kki.
  • Blue: Based on Nico from Oneshot.
  • Pink: Based on her appearance in the FC World. Her effects change according to their colors in the FC World.
  • White: Based on Sabitsuki from .flow.



  • Madotsuki is the first character from an RPG Maker game, as well as the first female character.
  • Madotsuki is the only RPG Maker character to not have her victory theme be from the game's title screen. In this case, her victory theme is the music that plays during the Save Screen in Yume Nikki.
  • Madotsuki is the first character with a Brawl-free moveset.
  • Madotsuki is also technically the first Cult character ever since Tommy Wiseau's ascension to Celebrity status.


Smash Bros Brawl Character Moveset - Madotsuki

Smash Bros Brawl Character Moveset - Madotsuki

Madotsuki's moveset

Smash Bros Lawl Classic Mode - Madotsuki

Smash Bros Lawl Classic Mode - Madotsuki

Classic mode - Madotsuki