Magic Balloon
Magic Balloon
Mario symbol
User Mama Luigi
Universe Mario

Magic Balloon is Mama Luigi's up special move.

Description Edit

Mama Luigi creates a small explosion and inflates his body, floating high in the air. The inflated body can also reflect projectiles. The move can be cancelled by pressing B, waiting three seconds, or getting hit. The explosions at the beginning and end of the move deal 7% damage. Magic Balloon, though it counters edgeguarders who rely on projectiles, suffers from slow speed, making it predictable to counter with a direct attack.

Origin Edit


The Magic Balloon (also called the P Balloon) is a power-up found in Super Mario World and its cartoon. When it's grabbed, the person will inflate like a balloon and float for several seconds. It made a few appearances in the cartoon, such as "Gopher Bash" and "Mama Luigi".

Gallery Edit

Standard special move Stone or Football
Side special move Maternal Sleep
Up special move Magic Balloon
Down special move Fire Sumo
Final Smash Secret Weapon

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