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Nintenerd is the Angry Video Game Nerd's up special move. The Nerd dons himself with various NES accessories and flies upward. During his flight, the Nerd can move left or right, but he'll always turn to his initial direction. He also wields a Super Scope that can fire two shots per flight by pressing A; the lasers deal 7% damage, and they can be reflected or absorbed. Pressing B or waiting 3 seconds will end the flight. Due to the lack of protection outside of the Super Scope, the Nerd is left vulnerable to edgeguarding.

Origin Edit

The "Nintenerd" is the Angry Video Game Nerd's powered up form, first appearing in his Super Mario Bros. 3 review to aid Super Mecha Death Christ in destroying the demonically-possessed cartridge. This form has also appeared in his final battle with the Nostalgia Critic and his 100th episode, where he flies to the skies to take on a gargantuan R.O.B.

Gallery Edit

Standard special move F-Bomb
Side special move Pens
Up special move Nintenerd
Down special move Power Glove
Final Smash Super Mecha Death Christ

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