The on-screen appearance, also called the intro or entrance, is a minor feature in Smash Bros Lawl. It includes a small animation unique to each character entering the battlefield before the match begins. It usually has no effect on gameplay other than comedic and dramatic purposes.

List of on-screen appearances Edit

Character Description
Angry Video Game Nerd Pops out of the Nintoaster, while exclaiming, "I'm the fucking Nerd."
Aya Jumps out of a portal.
Best Hercules Rides onto the stage by chariot, while shouting, "Let the games begin!"
Billy Mays Descends from heaven, while saying, "Hi Billy Mays here!"
Bison Runs onto the stage, while exclaiming a loud "YES!"
Carlos Trejo Rides onto the stage by motorcycle.
Codec Snake Teleports onto the stage from a "Call" symbol.
Don Ramon Walks out of a door while shouting, "¡Al ataque mis valientes!" (Attack, my brave men!)
Dr. Robotnik Hovers onto the stage with his Eggmobile as he laughs evilly.
Dr. Wily Gets dropped onto the stage by his Wily Machine, as he laughs evilly.
Frollo Rides onto the stage via horse.
Gaston Appears from either of the side blast lines, looks around, then jumps onto the stage.
Guile Flies onto the stage via rocket chair. This is the first (and so far, only) entrance to have an inspiration clip for it.
Hank Hill Walks onto the stage holding a beer can.
Haruhi Steps out of a door, then locks it behind her.
Hitler Two soldiers salute him as he walks onto the stage.
I.M. Meen Appears out of a blooming explosion.
Ib A painting of Ib appears onto the stage, then Ib pops out. This entrance is called "Forgotten Portrait", named after one of the endings of Ib.
Irate Gamer Teleports onto the stage via a bad special effect as he says, "What the hell?"
J. Jonah Jameson Steps out of his office. Jameson can either say "Ready to send those Lawlers running back home to their mommies?" or "Where have you been? I've been looking for you all morning! I want you to pay your phone bill." during his appearance.
Jaime Maussan Gets beamed down by a UFO as he says, "¡Muy buenos dias!" (Good morning!)
King Harkinian Gets dropped off by a ship. There was an alternate entrance where Gwonam drops him off by magic carpet, but the ship entrance was used instead.
Leonidas Steps out from a crowd of Spartans.
Madotsuki Teleports onto the stage with a balloon in her hand.
Mama Luigi Falls onto the stage.
Mary Jumps out of the Fabricated World.
New Hercules Falls onto the stage while screaming, lands, then gets back up and says "I'm Hurr-ku-lis." An interesting note is that he takes 5% damage from the fall.
Nicolas Cage Slowly walks onto the stage, moaning sorrowfully.
Nostalgia Critic The Critic, already on the stage, says "Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic."
Panty & Stocking The two are sitting on a couch in the background, and the starting character leaps onto the stage.
Scanty & Kneesocks The two are sitting next to a table in the background, and the starting character leaps onto the stage.
Tommy Wiseau Walks out of the door from the rooftop scene, while saying "Oh hi Lawl."
Weird Al Runs onto the stage, similar to the beginning of his Final Smash.
Yomika Teleports onto the stage.
Zoolander Gets dropped off by his friends by car, with "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" shortly playing in the background.

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