Painting Place
User Ib
Universe Ib

Painting Place is Ib's standard special move.

Description Edit

Painting Place is Ib's primary mechanic, placing up to three paintings on the field that function as traps. These paintings can absorb energy-based projectiles, but if a painting absorbs a projectile, there's a 1 second cooldown before it can absorb again. Pressing A on a painting will enable it to absorb opponents, but only if the painting is not in any sort of cooldown. When an enemy touches a painting with the absorption effect, they will be ejected from one of the other two paintings with 8% damage--during this process, the paintings will become gray, giving them a 3 second cooldown before they can absorb anything. This will remove the effect of said painting, and Ib must wait 1 second before she can select the other two paintings to absorb players (3 seconds on the previous painting). Pressing B on a painting removes it from gameplay.

Paintings are also used for Ib's other special moves: Lady in Red, Fisherman, and Vandalism.

Nicolas Cage can remove the paintings with Unmasker and receive 6% damage, but only if the paintings aren't gray. Dr. Wily can use Electric Nightmare to turn the paintings against Ib herself.

Origin Edit

While paintings are commonplace throughout Ib, Ib is never seen using paintings as weapons. However, she does use an ant painting to cross a bottomless chasm and get a key to advance. If the player explores the Bonus Dungeon, Ib uses an anthill painting to do a similar thing.

Gallery Edit

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