Pencil of Doom
Downfall symbol
User Hitler
Universe Downfall

Pencil of Doom is Hitler's down special move. Hitler will attack by furiously throwing his Pencil of Doom downward, which will have different effects when thrown.

Effects Edit

When the Pencil of Doom hits the floor, one out of four effects is randomly chosen:

  • An explosion that inflicts 12% damage.
  • An anvil spawning out of thin air that deals 18% damage.
  • An opponent that trips with 4% damage inflicted, which has no effect on aerial opponents.
  • Occasionally, the pencil will backfire and cause an explosion on Hitler himself, suffering 4% recoil damage and leaving him frozen for a few seconds.

If the Pencil of Doom itself hits an opponent, it will deal 30% damage with high knockback and make the "PING!" sound, with no hazards.

Origin Edit

In the famous rant scene from Downfall, Hitler furiously tosses his pencils at a map, which became the basis for a superweapon called the "Pencil of Doom" in the parody videos. It has numerous effects ranging from causing people to trip to destroying entire planets.

Gallery Edit

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Side special move Fusilation
Up special move German Artillery
Down special move Pencil of Doom
Final Smash Steiner

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