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Pens are projectiles thrown by the Angry Video Game Nerd as his side special move. Compared to F-Bombs, Pens trade power in exchange for greater speed and distance. They travel an arc and disappear upon colliding into something, such as a wall, a floor, or an opponent. Their damage output is weaker, dealing only 4% damage in contrast with an F-Bomb's 12%. Like F-Bombs, they can be reflected, but not absorbed.

Origin Edit

While the Angry Video Game Nerd carries several pens in his shirt's pocket protector, he is never seen throwing his pens in his reviews. The only times he does throw his pens is in one of his rants to the Nostalgia Critic, where he throws one towards the camera, and during the TGWTG Anniversary Brawl, where he throws one to knock the gun out of the Critic's hands.

Gallery Edit

Standard special move F-Bomb
Side special move Pens
Up special move Nintenerd
Down special move Power Glove
Final Smash Super Mecha Death Christ

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