Persian Messenger
Universe 300
First appearance 300 (2006)

The Persian Messenger is a major Persian Army member, appearing in The Subspace Emissary as a boss.

Role in The Subspace Emissary Edit

As Leonidas fights off the Persians that are attempting to burn down the Persian Forest, he comes across the Persian Messenger, who engages Leonidas in revenge of being kicked down a pit. He loses the battle and speeds away on his horse. Unfortunately, his horse accidentally knocks the Persian Messenger down a well.

Moveset Edit

The Persian Messenger will banter a random quote, such as "This is madness!", which gives an indication that he will attack.

  • The Persian Messenger zips across the screen. It travels very fast, and it can cause lots of damage and knockback.
  • The Persian Messenger zips in front of the battlefield. It does no damage and serves to distract the player from the next attack.
  • The Persian Messenger summons a Persian Archer with a flaming arrow, which it fires onto the player. If the player tricks the Archer to fire the arrow on the flaming rod in the center, it will incinerate. When the Messenger tries to charge, his horse stops to whinny before it turns around. This is his only period of vulnerability.
  • The Persian Messenger summons three random Persian soldiers.
  • The Persian Messenger throws exploding "King Skulls" offscreen, which can break shields.

Origin Edit

In 300, the Persian Messenger travels to Sparta to deliver news from Xerxes ordering the Spartans to surrender, but Leonidas declines the submission and kicks the Messenger down a pit. This scene has become the most famous scene of the film, being used in countless YouTube Poops and remixes.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Persian Messenger is the only boss who does not come in contact with a character outside of his own series.

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