User Irate Gamer
Universe The Irate Gamer

Plagiarism is the Irate Gamer's standard special move.

This attack is a clone of Kirby's Inhale. Bores copies the opponent's neutral special move from a short distance. Unlike Inhale, Plagiarism's cloned neutral specials are weaker than the original's, and the only way to dispose the cloned attack is by being KO'd. Additionally, Bores will not wear any hats of the character he plagiarized.

List of Plagiarisms Edit

Main article: Irate Gamer's Plagiarisms

Origin Edit

This move comes from the common criticism that the Irate Gamer's reviewing style is too similar to the Angry Video Game Nerd's; this also explains why his other special moves are cloned versions of other characters'.

Gallery Edit

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