Portal Dimensional
User Jaime Maussan
Universe Tercer Milenio

Portal Dimensional (Spanish for Dimensional Portal) is Jaime Maussan's side special move.

Description Edit

Maussan opens up a portal, which vacuums up any character or projectile in the front within a short range. Whenever an enemy or a projectile is sucked in, the player has two seconds to press B to spawn a green disc where the portal was or A to spawn it in front of him before it's decided randomly. The green disc can only travel horizontally, can't pass through walls, and can't go out of stage bounds. If a projectile is sucked in, it will bring Maussan to the "shooting" position, shooting only the latest projectile and spawning the green disc. Maussan can enter his own portal by pressing A, with the same controls as above. The player can shoot the enemy/projectile/Maussan by pressing A or waiting three seconds. Launching out an enemy deals 10% damage, while launching Maussan deals 16%.

Nicolas Cage can remove the portal with Unmasker and Dr. Wily can control it with Electric Nightmare.

Origin Edit


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