User Don Ramon
Universe El Chavo del Ocho

Presta (Spanish for Take Away) is Don Ramon's side special move.

Description Edit

Ramon will go into a grabbing motion, with the starting frames that act like a grab, so it cannot be shielded. When Ramon grabs an enemy, he will disable a random special move for 16 seconds, excluding the up special move. Only one move can be disabled at a time. The first six frames of the grabbing animation serves as a counter, dealing more damage (18% damage compared to 8%) and having the same disabling effect, at the cost of more lag. This counter can also pick up incoming projectiles and turn them into items, so any item Ramon is holding will be dropped when he performs this move. If an opponent is carrying an item when Ramon grabs them, he'll steal the item instead.

Origin Edit

In one episode of El Chavo del Ocho, Don Ramon tries to yank a slingshot from El Chavo, which he then uses to threaten Doña Florinda.

Gallery Edit

Standard special move Resortera
Side special move Presta
Up special move Secarropa
Down special move La Calavera
Final Smash Ferrocarril

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