A projectile is an attack or other object that operates independently of the character that used it. Common examples of projectiles include Firing Fire, Meen Magic, and thrown items. Most projectiles can be reflected, while others can also be absorbed.

A majority of characters have at least one projectile attack, with some having two or three. They can be very useful in both approaching and camping out opponents' approaches. Projectiles are generally special moves, but some characters like Jaime Maussan and Don Ramon have standard attacks that are projectiles.

Projectiles used by characters Edit

This table shows all non-Final Smash projectiles for each character, as well as some important properties of each. While a projectile may not be absorbable, it does not exclude the ability to be affected by Portal Dimensional, Presta, or Magnum.

CharacterProjectilesReflectable?Absorbable?Unique/Special Properties
AVGNF-BombYesNoThe bomb's trajectory will slope downward if the control stick is pointed downward, functioning like a trap if it hits the ground.
PensYesNoAffected by gravity.
Nintennerd (Super Scope shots)YesYesThe Nerd can only shoot two beams per flight.
Power Glove (opponent toss)YesNoThrows in straight trajectory.
Down smashYesNo 
AyaThe Flame Egg (lighter)YesNoThe lighter will cause an oil slick or oiled enemy to be set ablaze.
Best HerculesBest BowYesNoThe arrow travels in an odd arc, affected by gravity.
Side smashYesNo 
Billy Mays Oxi Clean Ball Yes No Does not cause flinching, deals constant damage if it hits a foe.
The Ultimate Ladder (ladder legs) Yes No
Bison Psycho Crates Yes No Can be charged (crate spinning damages foes). Damage and distance depend on charge time, affected by gravity.
Carlos Trejo Bolitas Volando Yes No
Codec Snake Convo Topics ??? ??? The opponent hit by it will become a Topic of Conversation.
Hurtful Words Yes/No Yes/No If the ConvoMeter is 5-6 full blocks or higher, they will go through all reflectors or absorbers.
Don Ramon Resortera Yes No Can be held for as long as B is pressed. Affected by gravity. Hitting a moving opponent with the pebble will trip him/her. Hitting an attacking opponent will deal more damage.
Side smash Yes No Affected by gravity.
Up smash Yes No Affected by gravity.
Dr. Robotnik Laser Aim Yes Yes Shot homes in on opponent.
Dr. Wily DreaMachine (laser beam) Yes Yes The beam can also hurt Wily himself.
Frollo Firing Fire Yes Yes Can be held until it reaches max charge, and damages foes while charging. Can be fired in three different directions.
Flamant Support (guard's arrows) Yes No
Gaston Flammabeer ??? ??? If the beer hits the ground, it creates a fiery trap that burns anyone who touches it.
Four Dozen Eggs Yes No Juggling eggs damages opponents. Eggs thrown horizontally follow straight trajectory, eggs thrown vertically are affected by gravity.
Guile Sonic Boom Yes Yes Travels straight forward.
Hank Hill Object Throw Yes No Both objects affected by gravity. Tomatoes do no damage or flinching and stick to a character for 8 seconds. Baseballs can bounce off walls.
Haruhi Mikuru (attract wave) ??? No The wave can stun faraway opponents, with the stun time depending on the opponent's horniness.
Aliens! Yes Yes Koizumi's fireball travels diagonally upward.
Hitler Fusilation Yes No
Pencil of Doom (pencil) ??? No The pencil activates its random hazards when it hits the floor.
I.M. Meen Meen Magic Yes Yes Can be charged. Automatically fires when it reaches its max charge.
Up smash Yes Yes
Ib Lady in Red Yes No
Irate Gamer Up tilt Yes No Affected by gravity, travels in front of him.
May copy another character's neutral special projectile.
J. Jonah Jameson You're Fired! Yes Yes Can be held until A or B is pressed. B fires straight and A in an arc. This "fires" the opponent, with damage dealt based on their status.
Side smash ??? No The hounds are the active objects, not Jameson.
Jaime Maussan Seres Flotando Yes No Travels vertically upward.
Portal Dimensional (shooting out character) Yes No The opponent that's been shot out will travel in a short arc.
Caballo Volador (once let go of) Yes No Can be controlled.
OVNI Yes No Travels diagonally downward.
Side smash Yes No Follows straight trajectory.
Up smash (once let go of) Yes No
King Harkinian Triforce of Courage Yes Yes Stuns the opponent on contact.
Dinner Throw Yes No Affected by gravity. May have a 1/3 chance of hitting the ground, becoming a healing item.
Squadala!!! (Dinner Throw) Yes No See above.
Slippery Spill (in the air) Yes No Affected by gravity.
Forward air Yes No
Leonidas Spartan Spear Yes No Can be charged, even while moving. Automatically launches when fully charged, affected by gravity.
Offense Shield Yes No Follows straight trajectory. The shield will function as an item when it hits someone.
Madotsuki Forward air Yes ???
Mama Luigi Stone or Football Yes No Can be held for as long as B is pressed, even while moving. Drags the opponent and explodes in fragments.
Fire Sumo Yes Yes A fireball is produced if the move is performed on a pass-through platform, which is affected by gravity.
Mary Fallen Star (on its own) ??? ???
Reality Butcher Yes No Can be launched in 8 directions. The two horizontal directions follow straight trajectory, the three upward directions are affected by gravity, and the bottom three directions deal more damage.
New Hercules New Disk Yes No Travels in an arc from where Hercules last "threw" it.
Up smash Yes No
Nicolas Cage Step Away Yes No When Cage is at 50% damage, he can shout threats that stun faraway opponents.
The Bees (when let go) Yes No
Up smash Yes No
Nostalgia Critic HEIL HITLER! Yes No The bullets are also fired from the Critic's down throw.
ELEPHANT! ??? No Causes different special conditions and instantly breaks shields.
Mako Miracle (when let go) Yes No
Panty Backlace Yes Yes Can be held indefinitely as long as B is pressed. Can be angled in three directions. The bullets will deal more damage with tricks.
Cosmos Pole ??? No The pole travels the opposite direction of her.
Scanty Double Gold Lacytanga Yes Yes Can be held indefinitely as long as B is pressed. Tricks deal more damage.
Tommy Wiseau Bottle Drop Yes No Affected by gravity. Bounces four times before it disappears.
Footoss Yes No Produces a football as an item.
Record Everything Yes Yes Each "soundwave" has a different property depending on what was recorded.
Side smash Yes No
Weird Al RamBow Yes No Can be held indefinitely as long as B is pressed.
Yomika Dragonflow ??? ???

Characters without projectiles Edit

The following characters lack projectiles.

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