Reality Butcher
User Mary
Universe Ib

Reality Butcher is Mary's down special move.

Description Edit

This move requires a placed drawing on the field. Mary will enter an activation pose similar to Veins of Fury, and she can launch objects in eight directions, which can be tilted with the control stick. Both horizontal directions will fire objects in a straight line, and the three upward directions will fire objects in an odd arc, being affected by gravity. These aforementioned five directions can deal 5% damage and minor knockback. The three downward directions are stronger, dealing around 11%-12% with moderate knockback. Objects fired from the painting may vary from a crudely-drawn axe to a weirdly-shaped blade with a face, but this has no effect on the attack in any way.

Origin Edit

In Ib, when Ib and Garry head onto the path of the Sketchbook World, there are two objects that are dropped: an axe and a blade with a face. If the player touches either of those, a rose petal will be knocked off Ib's life meter.

Gallery Edit

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