Record Everything
Wiseau Films
User Tommy Wiseau
Universe Wiseau Films

Record Everything is Tommy Wiseau's down special move. Wiseau takes out a black recording device, which will record attacks in front of him. In this position, he can walk around and jump, but not double jump. The player can get out of this position by pressing down+B again or by getting hit. The recordings are shot out as a soundwave projectile, which will have the same properties as the recorded attack. Wiseau can hold up to five recordings at a time; pressing A will shoot his oldest recording.

Origin Edit

In The Room, after overhearing Lisa telling her mother about the affair, Johnny walks over to his phone and sets a tape recorder next to it so he can attach it to the phone. At the end of the film, Johnny listens to the recorded call between Lisa and Mark after they were caught cheating and starts trashing his house.

Wiseau had apparently done this in real life as well; according to The Disaster Artist, Greg Sestero (the actor for Mark) reveals that Wiseau had been taping their phone conversations for years.

Gallery Edit

Standard special move Untouchable
Side special move Bottle Drop
Up special move Footoss
Down special move Record Everything
Final Smash Footux

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