User Don Ramon
Universe El Chavo del Ocho

Resortera is Don Ramon's standard special move.

Description Edit

Ramon takes out a slingshot and prepares to fire it. 0.5 seconds after he takes out his slingshot, the B button can be released to shoot. Keeping the B button pressed allows Ramon to walk back and forth and jump, but not double jump. The pebble deals around 5% damage to an enemy. Shooting a moving opponent will deal the same amount of damage along with a trip. Shooting an attacking opponent will deal around 14% damage.

Origin Edit

In one episode of El Chavo del Ocho, Don Ramon steals a slingshot from El Chavo and uses it to threaten Doña Florinda.

Gallery Edit

Standard special move Resortera
Side special move Presta
Up special move Secarropa
Down special move La Calavera
Final Smash Ferrocarril

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