User Scanty & Kneesocks
Universe Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Ruru is Scanty's & Kneesocks' side special moves.

Description Edit

Scanty Edit

Scanty attacks with her rurus, dealing 1% damage and briefly stunning the victim. This attack has the property of cancelling one of the character's special moves, with the exception of the up special move. The ruru stays in one spot until it's destroyed, and neither Demon Sister can damage them. Scanty can place only one ruru at a time.

Kneesocks Edit

Kneesocks attacks with her rurus, dealing 3% and randomly cancelling a character's special move, with the exception of the up special move. Unlike Scanty's Ruru, her Ruru lasts for 15 seconds instead of staying in one spot until getting destroyed. Only one move can be cancelled per Demon Sister; up to two moves can be cancelled. Cancelling a cancelled move will have no effect. Whoever cancelled a move can't use their side special again until the effect wears off.



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