Universe Street Fighter
First appearance Street Fighter Cartoon (1995)

Sagat is a close member of Shadaloo who, along with Balrog, assists M. Bison and the Subspace Army in The Subspace Emissary.

Role in The Subspace Emissary Edit

During the Shadaloo invasion of Guertana Gallery, Ib and Guile interfere with Bison's plans. Bison summons Sagat to arrest the two while he and Balrog escape. Sagat fights Guile and Ib and loses, and he escapes with the rest of Shadaloo.

Moveset Edit

Sagat has only two known attacks. He can leap across the stage while yelling "TIGER!", which deals high damage. His other attack is firing Corn Flakes out of the Corn Flakes boxes. The player can attack the cereal boxes, leaving Sagat vulnerable for a small period when both are knocked down.

Origin Edit

Sagat is a recurring character and sometimes a villain in the Street Fighter franchise. This version of Sagat appears in the cartoon based on said franchise, where he is a high-ranking member of the criminal organization Shadaloo. In the cartoon episode "No Way Out", when Sagat and his troops hold Guile and a kid hostage, he asks the kid if he would "like some Corn Flakes", which became a meme among fans.

Gallery Edit