Secret Weapon
Secret Weapon
Mario symbol
User Mama Luigi
Universe Mario
Type ???
Effect ???

Secret Weapon is Mama Luigi's Final Smash.

Description Edit

Mama Luigi summons a flying Dolphin that carries him while he carries a Baby Yoshi. The Dolphin that is summoned will deal 12% damage to anyone nearby. During the Final Smash, the Dolphin can be moved with the control stick. The L and R buttons will angle Mama Luigi's direction, and A will make Yoshi stick out his tongue, catching anyone who touches it. When an opponent is in Yoshi's stomach, they will take constant damage inside. After 20 seconds or pressing B, Yoshi spits out everyone inside his stomach, ending the Final Smash.

Origin Edit

The move comes from the last episode of the Super Mario World cartoon, "Mama Luigi", though the two are never seen combined in the show. When Luigi and Yoshi swim away to escape a Torpedo Ted, some friendly Dolphins aid them to get back on land. At several points in the episode, Yoshi uses his tongue to slurp up five Wigglers, four Mechakoopas, and various decorations in King Koopa's throne room. He also slurps up and spits out Mario, two fireballs, three Chargin' Chucks, and Koopa's key.

Gallery Edit

Standard special move Stone or Football
Side special move Maternal Sleep
Up special move Magic Balloon
Down special move Fire Sumo
Final Smash Secret Weapon

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