Slippery Spill
Zelda symbol
User King Harkinian
Universe The Legend of Zelda

Slippery Spill is King Harkinian's down special move. The King spills some wine from his goblet, creating a puddle trap. He can create up to two puddles at a time. When an opponent touches the puddle, he or she trips, leaving them vulnerable to attacks. The King is unaffected by these puddles. Pressing A near a puddle will clean it up. When he performs this attack in midair, he drops some wine as a projectile, which deals 3% damage with minor knockback and can be reflected.

Origin Edit

At the end of Zelda: the Wand of Gamelon, when King Harkinian and Zelda start laughing for no reason, the King spills some of his wine from his goblet.

Gallery Edit

Standard special move Triforce of Courage
Side special move Dinner Throw
Up special move Squadala!!!
Down special move Slippery Spill
Final Smash Dinner Blaster

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