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Universe 300
Appearance Smash Bros. Lawl
Home stage Leonidas

Sparta is a Subspace Emissary stage in Smash Bros Lawl and home to Leonidas and Xerxes.

Story Edit

Leonidas steps towards the Pit as a swarm of Shadow Bugs form into Primids. One Primid is soon kicked into the pit, as Leonidas fights off the Subspace Army. However, the last Primid escapes and Leonidas gives chase, not noticing two R.O.B.s setting up a Subspace Bomb. Leonidas catches up with and destroys the last Primid, only to be mortified as he sees Sparta engulfed by Subspace. He looks back to see the Shadow Bugs from the final Primid to be sucked up into Dr. Robotnik's Eggmobile. Enraged, Leonidas gives chase. At the cliffs, Xerxes orders his Persian Army to try to distract Leonidas, but Leonidas wipes all the soldiers out, and Xerxes retreats to create more schemes.

Meanwhile, Mama Luigi is seen in a forest, putting Yoshi to sleep. He then gets hit by a cannonball shot by members of the Subspace Army. The Mama Luigi trophy falls into a plain, where he is revived by the real Luigi, As the two look at each other, they both run in opposite directions in complete terror.

Dr. Robotnik spots Mama Luigi running and uses his Dark Cannon to turn him into a trophy. However, Robotnik is shocked as Leonidas has caught up with him. Robotnik calls in Scratch and Grounder to attempt to hold Leonidas off, but the battle ends with Grounder destroyed and Scratch fleeing in terror. Leonidas then resumes chasing Dr. Robotnik.

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Smash Bros Brawl Subspace Emissary - Sparta

Smash Bros Brawl Subspace Emissary - Sparta

Chapter 3 Sparta

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