Spartan Madness
Spartan Madness
User Leonidas
Universe 300
Type ???
Effect ???

Spartan Madness is Leonidas's Final Smash.

Description Edit

Leonidas shouts out "THIS IS SPARTA!!!" to stun up to three enemies before fiercely kicking them, dealing 106% damage and a one-hit KO. This Final Smash can be performed on the ground or in the air.

In the Subspace Emissary, when several Subspace Army forces invade Sparta, Leonidas unleashes his fury on a Primid and kicks it into the pit.

Origin Edit

In 300, when the Persian Messenger arrives to Sparta with news from Xerxes ordering the Spartans to surrender, Leonidas rejects the offer and kicks him into the pit. This scene has become the most famous of the film, being used in countless YouTube Poops and remixes.

Gallery Edit

Standard special move Spartan Spear
Side special move Offense Shield
Up special move Spartan Jump
Down special move Drinking Formation
Final Smash Spartan Madness

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