Downfall symbol
User Hitler
Universe Downfall
Type ???
Effect ???

Steiner is Hitler's Final Smash.

Description Edit

Hitler sits at his desk, planning out Steiner's attack. He then points at a map where Steiner is going to strike, and the Final Smash begins.

The cursor on screen can summon tanks (B button) or soldiers (A button). The tank travels in a straight path until it crashes into a wall and explodes or it falls off the stage. The soldier stays in one spot and fires his machine gun. There can be up to three units at a time; pressing A on a soldier removes him from gameplay. With the L and R buttons, the player can determine whether the units spawn left or right. The whole time during the Final Smash, a war plane flies at the top of the screen, dropping bombs that deal around 20% damage. After three bombing raids, the Final Smash ends. During the Final Smash, the tune of Königgrätzer Marsch plays.

Origin Edit

Gallery Edit

Standard special move Angry Rants
Side special move Fusilation
Up special move German Artillery
Down special move Pencil of Doom
Final Smash Steiner

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